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Uku is the only tool you need to organize work, manage tasks, and make smart decision in your accounting firm.
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Powerful and elegant software helps you plan work, manage your team and keep track of your workflow without less headache.

Automated tasks

Standardize your work with recurring task templates and work plans. Hereinafter Uku will send the tasks to the right person's dashboard at the right time.

Work management

Tasks appear on the dashboard and in the calendar when it's time to work on them. The team leader gets a quick overview of whether the work is on schedule.

Team collaboration

Take the pain out of employee replacements. Assign tasks to a colleague, add attachments or comments and keep relevant information in one place.

Client management

Keep all important information in the client profile. Easily import and export all data to keep relevant information always available.

Time tracking

Tracking time is addictively easy in Uku. Enter time manually or track with the timer and conveniently map even the smallest tasks.

Productivity analysis

Uku gives you an overview of time spent by customers, tasks and employees. Prevent bottlenecks, optimize processes and operate profitably.

Email management

With the Email app client communication is quick, easy and professional. Automate recurring emails and save on average 8 hours a month.

Client agreement monitoring

Keep track of billable hours and operate profitably. React operatively to workload changes – Uku notifies you when the workload exceeds your agreements.

Automated billing

Speed up your invoicing by setting up automated billing with a fixed, hourly or service-based rate. Send invoices to clients and your accounting software.


Uku fits nicely in your toolbox and is integrated with other software and business registers. Automated data exchange further reduces tedious and error-prone manual work.

Mini Uku

You can install the Mini Uku plugin directly to your browser and use it in all tabs and windows or on your smartphone – and conveniently track time while working with other software or answering emails.

“I learned to use Uku in hours, not weeks – no need for a special training.

Doris Meijel
Pearaamatupidaja, Benchmark OÜ

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