Client management

Keep all necessary customer information in one place.
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“Our core value propositions are cost-efficiency, reliability and transparency. Uku helps us deliver all that and more.”
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The comprehensive client profile keeps employees informed

Systematized customer information you can conveniently import and export

Centralized customer information makes substituting employees easy

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Centralized customer information makes substituting employees easy

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Contact details and other necessary information
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Notes and documents
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Primary and regular user
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Additional customizable fields (e.g. rights in banks and public authorities)

Client's work overview improves service quality

Task plan
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Pay run
Monthly 30. d
Monthly 31. d
Monthly 31. d
Quarterly report

Client's work overview improves service quality

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Client work plan - list of tasks
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Work status (completed, unfinished)
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Supervisor and the task performer
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Filters and search to quickly find the task you want

Uku import makes data transfer quick and easy

Uku import makes data transfer quick and easy

You can conveniently import customer information into Uku in two ways:
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Excel spreadsheet - Uku adapts to your data
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From an integrated accounting program, e.g. Merit Aktiva

Client management features


Enter all customer contact information in Uku so they’re always at hand for all teammembers.

Notes and documents

Add all important information in one place. This way leave replacements and employee changes go smoothly.

Custom fields

To the customer profile you can add all the information that is important for you, e.g. keep track of the client’s accounting program and banks.

Passwords and rights

Uku is a secure platform for storing passwords. Conveniently keep track of who has access rights to banks or public authorities.

Client work plans

Convenient overview of the client's tasks and their statuses. When creating a work plan for a client, you can use templates created by yourself or Uku.

User rights

User rights let every employee see only the information they need. The supervisor also sees an overview of colleagues’ tasks.

Import and export

Customer data is importable and exportable. Bring your entire customer base to Uku with all relevant information. The exported file contains users added to the client, assigned rights, etc.

Client agreements monitoring

Keep an eye on workloads and operate profitably. Uku will notify you if the work done for the customer exceeds the agreed amount, so you can react in time.

Automated billing

Set up invoicing based on a fixed, hourly or piece rate. Hereinafter, Uku will automatically generate invoices for you. You can also send invoices directly from Uku.
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