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Uku integrations

Power-up your practice with automated data exchange

Uku integrations

Power-up your practice with automated data exchange

Linking different systems made easy. No code, quick setup, hassle-free automation.
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Workflow automation
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Client data sync
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Seamless collaboration
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Remove manual admin work
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Companies House

When typing a company name or number, match it with a finding from Companies House and all information for your client is automatically filled out.
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Automate your invoicing process with Uku’s powerful billing solution. Transfer data to Scoro for in-depth analysis.
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e-Business Register

Pull all your client data from the e-Business Register to streamline your client entry process. Keep information up-to-date and never miss important changes.
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Connect to 2,000+ apps including cloud accounting tools, CRMs, and marketing solutions.
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Bring client data from e-conomic to Uku and let Uku handle the billing. Send invoices with ease from e-conomic to Uku with only two clicks. Uku automatically keeps track of the invoice status every day.
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Log in to Uku with your Google account and send emails from Uku via your Gmail address. You can see the sent emails in the Gmail “Sent” folder.
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Microsoft 365

Log in to Uku with a Microsoft account and receive emails from Uku from your Microsoft 365 address. You can see the sent emails in the Outlook “Sent” folder.
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Sync client data from Uku to Xero and vice versa. View sales ledger information for each client and take your customer-service to the next level with the help of Uku and Xero.
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Public API

The Uku API 2.0 makes it easy to get information from Uku to other software, making your work go smoother and your data analysis easier.
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Connect Uku with hundreds of apps and services with Zapier. Share data, trigger actions and build workflows that take your practice management to whole new levels.
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Sync client data from Uku to QuickBooks and vice versa. Sales ledger, profit & loss statements, balance sheets and invoices are pulled in automatically. Best with Uku’s powerful billing.

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