e-conomic + Uku integration

Accounting practice manager for e-conomic

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Save time with workflows & emails
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Key benefits

e-conomic + Uku integration

Fast client Import

Importing clients to Uku is quick and easy. Uku automatically generates API keys to update the data later.

Automated billing

Uku takes invoice parameters (VAT, items, etc.) from e-conomic and creates invoices automatically based on the criteria you set.

Invoices to e-conomic

Send automatically created invoices to economic effortlessly with 4 clicks using the integration.
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Freedom to do less

We asked our clients: “What has changed since you chose Uku?” Hundreds responded. Here’s some of what they said.
Uku is simple and intuitive and covers anything we might need from a work management system - from tracking time and managing tasks to billing. It has increased efficiency and visibility throughout our team.
Kersti S.
Lead accountant, Sweden
Uku is easy to use and accountants actually love working with it.
Jurgita A.
CEO, Lithuania
Uku’s team is very helpful in coming up with solutions. In our company, Uku has brought the client closer to accountant while giving both the accountant and management an overview of how much time is spent on what kind of work or communication.
Piret T.
IT Manager, Estonia
Uku is the perfect solution for financial services companies unlike any other. Uku team is a pleasure to work with. They’re quick to respond and offer adaptations and upgrades to match our needs.
Andzej R.
CEO, Lithuania
1 year with Uku and we can serve 38% more customers. 💰 Couldn't imagine life without Uku.
Annika R.
Chief accountant, Estonia

Automate and boost productivity Earn 23% more profits

Others have succeeded this way with Uku. Why won't you?
Accounting practice management software

Why do TOP accounting firms love ♥ Uku?

Your workday made beautiful and informative by your personal smart assistant.
Effective work management

Powerful and effortless work management

Easily track your client work's status, who's working on what, and all your deadlines in a simple view. Guaranteed that no one will ever miss a deadline again, even when replacing a colleague.

Automate emails and billing to save 28% of your time

Automate your workflow, emails, and billing with Uku. Set up task plans, email templates and pricing models once! Enjoy, edit, and reuse forever!
Business analytics

Get actionable insights from tracked work

Uku reporting & monitoring help you price your services fairly and determine where to remove inefficiencies. Track time and customer agreements to get the intel to grow your business.

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