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Is Uku the right tool for you accounting firm? Book a free demo with our digitalization specialists. We’re happy to show you around and give an overview of Uku's possibilities.

1-on-1 Consultation

Already a fan of Uku? Awesome! If you have any questions about features, integrations or need some assistance with setting up and optimizing your processes, book a consultation (up to 45 min) with our digitalization specialists.

Accounting Practice Setup

If you need help setting up Uku and implementing techniques to increase efficiency - this service is for you. Including clients import, company workflows, team training, and more.

Price from 75 €/ h
First 2 hours free of charge

How has Uku
helped others?

Absolutely stunning software, it makes my day so much easier and is a delight to use. Fully recommend this.
Kim H.
Accountant, UK
Uku is simple and intuitive and covers anything we might need from a work management system - from tracking time and managing tasks to billing. It has increased efficiency and visibility throughout our team.
Kersti S.
Lead accountant, Sweden
Uku has helped us with task management in accounting in that the amount of tasks that slip past undone has decreased. The report function also helps keep track of time spent on clients and specific tasks, allowing to reevaluate our pricing model.

In addition to that, customer support has been helpful in nearly all the questions so far, either providing an immediate solution or forwarding the problem to the tech side and writing back in later days/weeks with an implemented technical solution.
Martti T.
CH Consultations
Financial manager
Uku is great - an excellent time and task management platform. And their customer support is top notch.
Mary M.
Accountant, UK
It's awesome productivity booster! Super easy to use, intuitive and looks good. Tracking different tasks is very, very easy. Uku is like the holy grail for my needs.
Marilys P.
CFO, Denmark
Uku is the perfect solution for financial services companies unlike any other. Uku team is a pleasure to work with - they’re quick to respond and offer adaptations and upgrades to match our needs.
Andzej R.
Baltic Assist Finance
I looked for such practice management solution for years. Uku has helped us up our service quality, always deliver work on time and increase profitability.
Anu A.
CFO, Estonia
1 year with Uku and we can serve 38% more customers. Couldn't imagine life without Uku.
Annika R.
Chief accountant, Estonia
Uku’s team is very helpful in coming up with solutions. In our company, Uku has brought the client closer to accountant while giving both the accountant and management an overview of how much time is spent on what kind of work or communication.
Piret T.
IMG Numeri
IT Manager and Accountant

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Data Import
100 €
Assisted client data import (clients, client groups, custom fields, and notes).
Accounting Practice Setup
75 €/h
We'll help you set up and implement Uku to increase efficiency. Includes clients import, company workflows, team training, and more.
First 2 hours free.
Process Consulting
75 €/h
We map your company's work processes, daily tasks, and find the best solutions that support your company's ambitions and long-term goals.


Team Training
300 €
We give your team a personal training on how to use Uku and answer their questions.
Duration: 1.5 hours.
Team Training Pack
700 €
We give your team three personal training sessions to support you with implementing Uku.
Session 1: Uku introduction + Q&A
Session 2: Advanced features, tips & tricks, best practices + Q&A
Session 3: Follow-up, fine tuning + Q&A
Duration: 1.5 hours / session.
Growth Hack
800 €
Our experts help you find opportunities that take your practice management to a new level. We also train one of your employees to be an Uku expert to support the rest of your team in their daily operations.
Tailor-Made Workshop
Quote on request!
We share the knowledge we have gained by helping entrepreneurs and accounting firms grow their businesses and improve processes. We know how to put together an effective team and create strategies that support people. Together we will find the best solution for you.

Special Services

Dedicated Account Manager
900 €/year
Do you want to reach your company's full potential and dive deep into Uku's possibilities? Would you like to be helped by an account manager who knows your company inside and out? We are happy to be here for you! Your personal account manager knows your company inside and out and can help your employees based on your company's specifics.

In addition, you will be invited to a club with other accounting firm managers and business owners, who will share the most valuable knowledge about how Uku helps increase the company's profits. Club members are among the first to see new Uku tools as soon as they launch or can even test them before others.
Special Request
150 €/h
Tasks requiring assistance from the technical team or special knowledge.
Data exports, restoring data and investigation of anomalies or user activities etc.

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