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PRO features now available

On April 22 we launched the Uku PRO package

During the last two years, we have made significant additions to Uku. Some of them are part of the Uku PRO package and there are more to come. So far, these features have been available for beta testers for free. Yet, fair pricing is necessary for our innovation to continue.

Uku PRO package features:

  • Client agreements monitoring - a comparison of customer agreements and the amount of work actually done. Identify problem areas, price customers fairly, and run your business effectively.
  • Automated billing - make monthly billing a quick and easy process. Set up price lists and Uku automatically generates invoices based on the work done. From May, Uku will send invoices to your program.
  • Your email server - when you send emails (eg invoices) to your customers, we use your e-mail server address.
  • Automated Anti Money Laundering process - automated monitoring and reminders of customers' risk level and document validity period.

The price of the Uku PRO package is 29€ per month
per user (paying as an annual payment).

For everyone using the aforementioned Uku features, the next 30 days are FREE. If you want to use the features after the end of the trial period (M 24 May 2021) then you can choose:

  1. Choose a PRO package - use all current and future Uku possibilities unlimited (Our recommendation!)
  2. Order feature(s) separately - payment for activated service(s) at the end of the trial period (Keep in mind that adding more features might just be worthwhile going for the full Pro package)

Possible features:

  • Merit Aktiva integration - 3 € member
  • SmartAccounts integration - 3 € member
  • Monitoring - 3 € member
  • Billing - 6 € member
  • Anti Money Laundering process - 1 € member

See a comparison of Uku packages here.

All the questions you might have are happily answered by our helpful team. Contact us via chat or reply to this email.

If you have a company account created in Uku that you do not use, Uku offers to upgrade the package. If you do not wish to continue with this account, deactivate it. All your entered data will be retained.

With good wishes and thank you for the ongoing support.

Team Uku

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April 28, 2021
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