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Is your accounting firm spending time only on tasks that matter? 

Join 3,127 members who are now auto-tracking precisely how long tasks take to complete and focus on what matters: hitting deadlines and serving clients 

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Uku key features

The tools you need to increase efficiency and productivity in your accounting practice. With innovative features and an intuitive design, Uku allows you to focus on work that creates value for your clients. Designed and built to power-up your performance.

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Tasks & time tracking
Gamify your work experience by creating an addictive time-logging process. Play around with start-stop timer or smart options.
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Automated workflows
Repeat your winning formula by automating workflows across the practice.
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Easy to use and customisable solution that supports the full lifecycle of your clients.
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Empower your team & business with beautifully visualised ground-truth data.
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Planto standardize workflows

Easy to use customized recurring tasks. Boosting quality of accounting service with flexible yet standardized processes. Reduce non-billable admin time and save time with automated billing.

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“Uku has decreased the amount of tasks that missed deadlines to a large extent. Precise work tracking has enabled us to reevaluate our pricing model and make long-desired changes.”

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Collaborateto deliver remarkable client service

Within your team, intuitively assign/share tasks and automatically track and collect client related data. All in a cloud-based secure environment. Ensure that promises to the client are delivered on time, in high quality and profitably.

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“We have given our customers a promise to perform their tasks in high quality and always on time. Uku helps us deliver on our promises.”

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Mart Nomper
Rödl & Partner
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to provide growth

Analysing team performance is now beautifully simple. Real time insight over fixed pricing will help increase profit at each billing. Maximise client lifetime value with transparency.

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“Fantastic tool that drives our business efficiency. With Uku's help we have grown from 25 to 40 people in 2 years”

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1Office helps hundreds of businesses take care of accounting with Uku.
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“Finally, something that we have been waiting for for a long time has come to the market”

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Uku intuitiveuser-experience

Implementing and maintaining Uku is really easy. Turn your ideas into reality and craft an ideal structure in your work. Loved by key decision makers, accountants & bookkeepers.

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Fast learning curve
Import clients, set-up recurring task plans and you’re ready to go - it’s that easy. If you need assistance, our digitalization experts are happy to help.
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Set up effective processes
Plan and create custom processes for your firm that support your growing business and lead to desired results. Use our templates to get started.
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Mobile friendly
Uku works across devices. Use it on mobile, tablet, Mac or PC - all your data is synced online and accessible from anywhere & anytime.

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