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Oct 27, 2022
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This time I will introduce someone who has worked with Uku since day one. In fact, he has worked at Uku's parent company, Artify, for ten years. Sven is a software architect. His task is to see the big plan - to design and plan how the software should work.

Who is Sven, and what does he do?

"I'm just a programmer," Sven likes to say. Sven is actually a software architect. His task is to figure out and plan how the software works on a larger scale. When asked about his duties, Sven answers: "I do infrastructure, deployment, and releases," in simpler terms, he manages servers and carries out technical solutions for various processes.

"When solving problems, I think about how I have previously solved similar things. If there have been problems with the same thing, I make sure I don’t make the same mistakes."

Sven believes there are two types of "IT people" - born and trained. He classifies himself as learned. Born IT people live and breathe everything related to it since they were young. However, the learned had to introduce themselves to this world.

"Life doesn't have to spin around your profession or work, there must be a balance between personal life and work."

How did Sven find his way to the Artify/Uku team?

"I graduated cum laude from the IT college, majoring in administration, but didn't know much about programming. An Artify member invited me ten years ago to apply for a junior software developer position. I wasn't a software developer yet, but I was looking for an opportunity to become one. The inviter didn't think the lack of experience was important and suggested that I should still apply. That's how I got the job." says Sven.

What does Sven do in his spare time?

You can spend a few hours of quality time when talking about Sven's hobbies. Although modest at first, many different interests emerge during our conversation. Let's start with sports this time.

"Maybe I'm not as athletic as people in our company generally are," Sven laughs. Indeed, some of our colleagues are very athletic — for example, one is an Ironman finisher, and another is the best female ultrarunner of 2021. "I have played football for 11 years. My friends and I made a team and played all year round. Of course, I am generally interested in football, even when I’m not playing."

Traveling is a popular hobby, but Sven's trips differ from the traditional "laying beside a pool in Turkey." "I would always like to travel to a destination that is even more intriguing than the last one."

"I would also like to visit another planet or at least see it done by someone else in."

He has visited several fascinating countries, such as Nepal and Cuba. He prefers long trips that include hiking and exploring fascinating destinations.

When talking about music, Sven's eyes light up. "I am a big music fan - especially rock and metal genres. Recently, I went to the Lollapalooza festival in Sweden. I have also been to Iron Maiden, Foo Fighters, and Metallica concerts. The next concert I'm going to is a Swedish death metal band, In Flames. Sven can also play the electric guitar. This summer, he also played instruments together with our coworkers after work.

Sven's colleagues value him especially for his sense of humour. You never have to fear awkward silence at the shared lunch table.

"I particularly enjoy far-reaching humour dripping with sarcasm."

Several different interests make Sven a good trivia player. "I have once even organised a quiz with my team. Some time ago, my friends and I often went to play pub quizzes," says Sven. "We have won once and come second twice. My main strengths are, of course, questions related to sports. Otherwise, I'm also quite good at music-related questions, but they often depended on the organiser's taste in music, and it often did not match."

Sven is also good at a video game called "Dota 2". Sometimes, after work, Sven and his coworkers gather at the office and play together. Sven is the teacher and helps others play strategically. On one occasion, we also went to compete with another company. He describes the game as follows:

"It's a game with a unique concept,  many different combinations, situations, and players. Every Dota 2 game is a social experiment with a unique team."

In terms of literature and cinematography, he is a big fan of science fiction. Star Wars has been a favourite since he was a youngster. "Star Wars was popular when I was young so that interest has continued to this day." However, Sven is somewhat disappointed in the new Star Wars films. "The new parts are not as good as the old ones. It's as if the movies made by Disney are lighter - mass production doesn't have the same spirit anymore."

What is success for Sven?

"Success is when I am satisfied with the state of things and do not feel distressed in the back of my head. I feel successful when things are under my control and I have done everything right."

Sven's team member Margot has described him:

"Sven is an Artificer! In addition to being skilful, he is also dedicated to finding the best solution. As a teammate, he is always helpful and friendly. Empathy is not his strength, but harmony is - he doesn't like conflicts, but his principles are strong! At the same time, he never misses an opportunity to make a sarcastic joke. He is fascinated by intellectual challenges and wants to evolve and learn."

"Sven knows that life is not a popularity contest. Instead, it is essential to remain ethical and faithful to your principles!"

"If I would participate in "Who wants to be a millionaire," Sven would be the friend I would call for a fact check! His intellectual capacity is outstanding. In addition, he is analytical and has an excellent memory. Who won the 1986 World Cup? Where was the World Cup organised that year? I don't know, but Sven does!"

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