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JA&CH Konsultacijos raised 20% their billable hours with Uku

February 22, 2022
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Tracking and billing work for a large number of small customers


Preparing invoices is quick and easy with data from Uku

  • Tracking all tasks grew their billable hours by 10-20%. 
  • Uku reduced the time spent on invoicing customers from a full workday to 1-2 hours tops. 
  • Uku helps manage their hybrid workplace from one shared space.
"We spend less time on managing work and we get paid more for all the work we’re really doing – and have always done.”
Jurgita Adomaitienė
Co-owner and manager

UAB JA&CH Konsultacijos is an accounting service, tax and financial advice company in Kaunas with 6 accountants and around 100 customers. The company is 3 years old and has been using Uku for task management for 1,5 years now. As a part of the larger CHK corporate group, they heard about Uku from their Estonian partner CH Konsultatsioonid OÜ who’s been using Uku since 2017. 

JA&CH Konsultacijos co-owner and manager, Jurgita Adomaitienė says that CHK was very satisfied with Uku: “We didn’t use any other software before Uku and we didn’t need to look far because our partner already had the right tool. It was really nice we could learn from their experience. It also made introducing Uku to our company a lot easier.” 

As we’ve seen from a previous case study, CHK did a lot of groundwork before moving their tasks to Uku. They mapped their tasks and processes and created custom work templates for their needs. JA&CHK took over much of that experience and started seeing results right away. 

Tracking time significantly raised billable hours 

Jurgita says that as their customers are mostly smaller companies, keeping track of things can be a handful: “Before Uku, we definitely overlooked many tasks.

Uku lived up to our expectations  – we could track exactly how much time which employee spent on which task for which customer.”  

She says that as a growing company, it’s hard to measure Uku’s impact specifically, but as a rough estimation, using Uku grew their billable hours by 10-20%: “Since our employees track all their work, the difference is noticeable.

Uku is easy to use and accountants actually love working with it.” 

JA&CHK mostly uses Uku for planning and tracking tasks and compiling billing data. “Uku has made invoicing customers really easy. Uku gives us detailed time tracking data that enables us to create invoices for customers quickly and precisely.

Manually compiling billing information for around 100 customers used to take a day each month. Now it takes 1-2 hours and every little task gets accounted for.

I just have to export that data with a spreadsheet and we can send the invoices on their way,” notes Jurgita. 

Challenges of managing a hybrid workplace 

JA&CHK accountants work both remotely and in the office and Uku helps manage the team from one shared space. On top of managing and billing work, Uku gives Jurgita the bird’s-eye view of the company:

“As a manager, I see how much the accountants work, if there are any bottlenecks, how much time we spend on a client and how much they’re paying to us.” 

“On the one hand, we can assign work and balance the employees’ workloads better. On the other hand, we can be more precise in our pricing and make sure our work earns a profit,” says Jurgita. “All in all, we spend less time on managing work and we get paid more for all the work we’re really doing  – and have always done.” 

Autori Pilt
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