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How Baltic Assist use Uku to manage on-demand accounting

January 26, 2022
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They didn’t have a good solution to plan and schedule work, as well as export time-tracked data conveniently.


Uku helps plan tasks, export data and provide detailed invoices.

  • Planning work for different teams
  • Scheduling recurring and impromptu tasks in the calendar
  • Quick and easy export of time-tracked data
  • Transparent and detailed billing
"Uku is the perfect solution for financial services companies unlike any other."
Andzej Rynkevic

Vilnius-based Baltic Assist (100+ employees) offers high-quality cost-reducing employment solutions to organizations of all sizes across their region. Their customers can hire on-demand dedicated virtual employees without spending time and money on outsourcing. They offer competitive hourly pricing based on the predicted monthly load. 

Their main fields are the following: 

  • virtual employees, e.g. marketing, customer support, sales reps, IT developers; 
  • accounting services, e.g. bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, financial controlling. 


Baltic Assist offers on-demand virtual employees to different companies with hourly pricing, so specifically tracking work time and providing detailed transparent invoices was crucial to their business. They needed a solution for planning work for different teams, scheduling recurring and impromptu tasks, and conveniently exporting detailed task-based data. Previously, they used another time tracking tool, but it wasn’t sufficient for their needs. 


Baltic Assist chose Uku mainly because of the ability to conveniently track time spent on different types of tasks. Kristupas Binkys, Accounting Team Lead of Baltic Assist says that Uku team was very responsive and agile:

“Uku is a pleasure to work with - they’re quick to respond and offer adaptations and upgrades to match our needs.

Other software providers have much slower development cycles. Uku team don’t just offer a service - they truly want to solve a problem.” 

Onboarding their team to Uku was smooth and everyone adapted to the new software with no problems. They say that the software is easy to use and only required learning some more specific tips and tricks to work even more efficiently. “We actually expected more problems but the switch went almost unnoticed,” laughs Kristupas. 


Uku has improved Baltic Assist’s day-to-day operations in 3 main areas: 

  • Planning work and scheduling tasks
  • Exporting time-tracked data 
  • Transparent and detailed billing 

Exporting time-tracking data is simple and they significantly cut time spent on preparing hourly breakdowns of services rendered. Uku gives an effortless overview of time spent by customers, tasks and employees, helps keep track of billable hours and operate profitably. 

Kristupas says that improving processes and workflows and adding value was their paramount objective:

“Our core value propositions are cost-efficiency, reliability and transparency. Uku helps us deliver all that and more.” 

Baltic Assist founder & CEO Andzej Rynkevic adds that they’re very happy with Uku: “As our financial services department was growing, we were constantly looking for a workload management software that would be intuitive to use and keep our processes lean. Uku is the perfect solution for financial services companies unlike any other.” 

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