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Little known method to increase profits by 21.7% without finding new clients or working more

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Important deadlines and promises are forgotten
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Creating invoices for clients takes days
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No overview of your employees workload
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Delegating tasks before holidays takes a lot of time
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When an employee leaves the company, important information leaves with them

Does this sound like your reality?


The All-In-One Software for Accounting Firms

Workflow management, performance analysis, and maximized profits

Automatic workflow saves time

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Automatic workflow saves time

Standardize your work with recurring task templates and work plans. Uku will send the tasks to the right employee’s dashboard at the right time.

Business analytics gives you needed insight

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Business analytics gives you needed insight

Uku gives you an overview of time spent on clients and tasks by clients and employees. Prevent bottlenecks, optimize processes and operate profitably.

Automated billing that is precise

Save time with
automated billing!

Automated billing that is precise

Speed up your invoicing by setting up automated billing with a fixed, hourly or service-based rate. Send invoices to clients and your accounting software.

Loved by 3600+ professionals

Absolutely stunning software, it makes my day so much easier and is a delight to use. Fully recommend this.
Kim H.
Accountant, UK
Uku is simple and intuitive and covers anything we might need from a work management system - from tracking time and managing tasks to billing. It has increased efficiency and visibility throughout our team.
Kersti S.
Lead accountant, Sweden
Uku is great - an excellent time and task management platform. And their customer support is top notch. ✌️
Mary M.
Accountant, UK
It's awesome productivity booster! Super easy to use, intuitive and looks good. Tracking different tasks is very, very easy. Uku is like the holy grail for my needs.
Marilys P.
CFO, Denmark
I looked for such practice management solution for years. Uku has helped us up our service quality, always deliver work on time and increase profitability.
Anu A.
CFO, Estonia
1 year with Uku and we can serve 38% more customers. 💰 Couldn't imagine life without Uku.
Annika R.
Chief accountant, Estonia

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Key benefits

Automated work management

Tasks appear on the dashboard and in the calendar when it's time to work on them. The team leader gets a quick overview.

Fast and accurate billing

Standardize your work with recurring task templates and dependencies. Hereinafter Uku will send the tasks to the right person's dashboard at the right time.

Business analytics

Uku gives you an overview of time spent on clients and tasks. Prevent bottlenecks, optimize processes, and operate profitably.

Time tracking

Keep track of billable hours and operate profitably. React operatively to workload changes - Uku shows you when the workload exceeds your agreements.

Centralized CRM

Keep all of the important information in the client profile. Easily import and export all data to keep relevant information always available.

User friendly

Uku is an easy-to-use software with a comprehensive help center and live customer support to help you with any problems.

Don’t miss out on the benefits Uku members reap

Higher profit
Faster invoicing
Deadline met

One small step for you, one giant leap for your business

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