Our passion is to develop the best accounting practice management software in universe

The story of Uku

Uku was founded in Estonia in 2016 by life-long friends Rain and Jaanus. Innovation and digitalisation of business processes have been their passion since 2009.

During the years leading up to launching Uku, they ran a design  and development studio. Yet, the friends always longed for software which was theirs and solved an industry-specific problem.

And our dream was born with Uku

Uku gave accountants a tool we knew was going to improve their workflow management. It was designed as an alternative to the unhandy, impractical and unsightly practice management software presently on the market.

Almost overnight, the software was immediately embraced by local accounting firms.

We kept to our mantra that software should be both easy and intuitive to use. Get more done, finish your tasks on time and manage them more consciously.

We crafted the software to make your workflow more efficient; so you can delight your customers with exceptional customer service and still create more time for your friends and family.

Uku is the product of our company ethos - 
caring, helpful, hard-working and innovative

Our leadership

Triin Rast
CEO & Head of Growth
Carlos Ferraz
Head of Business Development
Rain Allikvee
CPO & Co-founder
Jaanus Lang
CTO & Co-founder
Maile Roosmäe
Head of Customer Success
Allan Kolk
Sven Lepamets
Anu Allikvee

Crafting beautiful and usable business management tools which provide insight & efficiency growth

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