is looking for a seasoned

Marketing (Project) Manager(SaaS)

At Uku, you will work in the Growth team and report directly to the management!

We are no-bullshit people, who operate w/o bureaucracy and choose the best path towards our common goal.

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Your profile

You have at least 3 years of practice in marketing SaaS products or equivalent experience.
You know how to build/maintain the presence of a SaaS product on a new/existing market
You’ve tested different lead generation & marketing strategies and are proficient working with a wide range of marketing frameworks
You have ideas - an understanding of what the future will demand and a passion to experiment
You have a fail-fast mentality & don’t waste time on strategies that don’t work
You’re happy to roll up your sleeves and do what needs to be done to deliver results
You value data and analytics and know what to look at when focusing on the success of your product / service
You constantly challenge the thinking of the team of how the ideal product/service looks like and how it stands out in competition (the USP’s)
You are fluent in English & Estonian
Your job as a marketing project manager at Uku is to help our target clients intuitively understand the value of our service.

We expect you to

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Make sure Uku keeps growing in the existing markets by generating a valid lead flow for our sales representatives
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Together with sales professionals, polish the flow from lead generation to onboarding new clients
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Work out & execute strategies for brand awareness and presence in new markets & segments
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Build strong and lasting partnerships in new & existing markets
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Gather & analyze data that support us along the way
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Grow your toolset, experiment, learn & develop
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Inspire team members with your passion for the job, the service, and the team
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Operate within a reasonable marketing budget and ensure high ROI of marketing investment(s)

We will not expect you to do this alone!

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The marketing & sales team is already 4 people strong and has years of experience with our client base
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You will have the opportunity to work tightly together with the development team and directly impact what is prioritized in the backlog
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We have a wide range of marketing tools and frameworks already in place, and we’re happy to share what has worked for us, but you get to design your approach

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We will support your personal growth: books, training, a personal coach - all tailored to your needs. Strengths based management model is what we swear by

You will be rewarded with

The most honest, passionate, and ambitious team you have ever worked with.
We value our people above all else!
The opportunity to grow and take on new challenges
Autonomy in choosing your ways of working and achieving the goals
A beautiful office on the scenic border of Kalamaja & Vanalinn
Of course, a competitive salary and sports benefits
Management that is here for you to help you and our customers succeed
A team that supports and stays together through thick and thin - all through the humor prism

Sounds exciting?

Write or call:

Margot Roodi

Workplace: Soo 2, Tallinn

Our core team by numbers

15 start-ups

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20 people
in our team
13 years
working together
5 years
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