Accountancy practice management

Why going big is not always good for your customers
Is bigger better? They have all the financial resources, talent, and even access to a network of willing customers..But what does that mean for their customer base?
Fair pay for accountants by using time tracking.
Would you believe if you were told that your accounting firm was losing £8,665 per employee, per year? And it’s all because accountants are not practicing time tracking.
12 simple ways of dealing with stressed out clients
Accountants already deal with a ton of stress, this article takes a further look at how accountants can deal with the stress from their clients.
Will accountants become extinct?
According to latest research, accountants are less in demand than ever. Are they becoming extinct? Not quite yet, read how accountancy is transforming for clients.
Working remotely as an accountant
An Overview of Best Practices and Tips on Overcoming Potential Challenges
How digitisation can battle poor mental health
Often a stigma, mental health isn't frequently discussed. Yet new research has demonstrated that stress and anxiety in accountants are on the rise. Read our guide to be aware.
UK’s best accounting practice management software [2021 guide]
Can't decide which UK accounting practice management software to use? Read our guide to the best ones to use in 2021.
Uku & Integrations (And why they matter)
Integrations give you the power to integrate Uku with hundreds of other accounting, bookkeeping and enterprise-level apps to automate more of your work."
Brand new Uku is here! What's new then?
It’s time to shine a light on what our [blue mini-Uku’s] have been up to since our launch. Get ready, Uku 2 will take us into the stratosphere.
How to price your accounting services (+how time-tracking helps)?
We know that many of you (especially those of you who have started your practice recently!) find it difficult to establish the price list for your services. Here’s how ...
Can workflow management actually increase efficiency?
For many of us, being productive is a skill that needs to be mastered. Sure, it is something we strive for, attempt to get into the habits of and pursue in the hope of ...
Why client communication is more important than ever
You don’t need us to tell you that nurturing your client relationships is essential to the survival and growth of your accountancy practice. However, the last few months ...
4 proven ways to make your employees fall in love with time tracking
Is getting your employees to track time a constant battle? Hard to overcome their resistance and motivate them to time track? Worse still, you’re devoting time to ...
Upskilling - what’s all the fuss about?
According to research, by 2030, automation, digitisation and artificial intelligence will cut jobs by 29% whilst contributing as little as 13% to job creation. Further ...
Accounting post-Brexit (updated March 2020)
Like a closing down sale at a pound shop, Brexit keeps threatening to happen, but seemingly never does. Then, on 31st January 2020, the UK left the EU. What ...
Accountancy practices - how much should you charge?
When you start a new practice, or wish to become a more profitable and competitive practice, deciding how much you’ll charge often poses a conundrum. Do you charge ...
Sole trader vs limited company: changes in monthly accounting
Every business - no matter how small or big - must have a legal structure, with the majority preferring to be either a sole trader or a limited company. An estimated ...
Hey, we are Uku. Nice to meet you!
We are Uku, a web-based task management and billing platform for accountants and service companies. Our software helps and supports finance professionals with their ...
Value-based pricing - The top accountant's secret weapon
Creating value for the customer not only retains loyalty, yet is a way to command a higher price for your knowledge, product or service. Yet, what does this value creation ...
The ultimate guide to attracting and retaining millennial talent
Millennial workers, whether harshly judged or not, have a reputation for moving from workplace to workplace, continually on the hunt for the next best opportunity.
The changing nature of fintech accounting tasks - are you ready?
New tech, new software and new regulations mean the accountant's role, and particularly those within fintech companies is ripe for an overhaul. Transparency ...
7 signs your accounting practice needs better workflow management [and how to solve them]
According to research, accountants in practice work an average of 42.09 hours a week. Industry accountants work a slightly higher average of 43.05 hours a week ...
Accounting post-Brexit: Your guide to surviving the first few weeks
Like a closing down sale at a pound shop, Brexit keeps threatening to happen, but seemingly never does. The latest date we know is the 31st October, a date that has ...
Uku helped 1Office Group to automate their workflow and increase efficiency
The following interview will share light on what the criteria for choosing the accounting practice management software were, how the implementation process took place ...

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