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Kroonid Konsult: Uku brought peace of mind to employees & clients

December 29, 2021
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‍There was no good solution to keep up with the work for numerous customers.


‍Uku helps plan and keep track of customers' work.

  • Uku helps to react operatively when the workload starts to creep up. You can present the customer with specific data, not rely on your gut feeling. 
  • With a large number of customers, one can keep track, if all the necessary tasks have been completed and declarations submitted to the Tax Board.
  • Tracking working hours helps to keep the focus and work more consciously.
  • Assigning and dividing tasks in Uku unites the team and maintains a stress free working climate. 
  • Using the right tools will make the accountant's job more useful and meaningful.
“Our work becomes more profitable and meaningful when using such solutions."
Marika Kroon

Kroonid Konsult is an accounting company, who’s customer base largely comprises smaller companies. The head of the company, Marika Kroon, states that although the workload of smaller customers is small, it’s all the more important to make sure that all necessary tasks get completed.

Before Uku, they used both a custom solution, as well as the good old Excel, but neither of them served their purpose well. Monitoring completed and uncompleted tasks was the main reason Kroonid Konsult was looking for a software solution. Marika noticed Uku's advertisement on social media, but taking up on the offer still waited for the right time. This time arrived, when yet another minor hiccup in Excel really frustrated her - and Marika imported all their customers to Uku in one fell swoop. Today, Kroonid Konsult has been using Uku for three years and is not looking back.

Billing the customers became clearer 

Kroonid Konsult mainly uses Uku to assign and manage work, and track time. Although they don’t use the automated billing and their prices are fixed for a year, they get an accurate input from Uku to compare the annual workload with the reality, and take this into account in new agreements.

Marika also notes that Uku helps them operatively react if the workload starts to creep up. "The amount of work doesn’t increase explosively, but rather by minutes added here and there. If you make yearly agreements with the customer, you can't just say that you FEEL like you’re doing more work.

I can extract exact information about how much time we worked and on which tasks,”

says Marika. It has also happened that the workload has become considerably smaller and there’s no reason to charge the customer as much. 

Uku helps you map and manage different work sections

Uku’s advantage over other work time monitoring solutions is that specific tasks have easily prepared templates. Marika says that previously she also tried Toggl, for example: “In the case of other apps, it would take a lot of effort to map different work sections.

I just showed accounting students different digital solutions and discovered that Uku is also the most low-priced of them all. ”

To monitor their work, Kroonid Konsult uses Uku's own templates and they are quite enough. For a large number of customers, Uku helps to keep track of whether all the necessary things have been done. "Not all clients have monthly tasks, and we used to be quite anxious about missing some declarations. Getting an overview from the tax office is inconvenient for such a large number of customers, as it only shows who needs to pay the tax, not always who has not submitted a return. The traffic light system only works retrospectively, but there is no advance notice. Before, it didn’t even have that, so we had to go through all our customers one by one in the Tax Board to see if everything had been submitted, ”Marika recalls.

A common work environment helps to unite the team

Tracking working hours quickly became a good habit with Uku. "If you look at your report at the end of the day and it looks poor, then I've done something other than work," Marika laughs.

"Now I’m more deliberate in my work. When I sit down to work, I do the work. ”

In addition, employees no longer have to record working hours separately. Kroonid Konsult accountants work on an hourly basis when and where it suits them. It is convenient to extract their workload from Uku.

In addition, Uku is a unifying place to connect remotely working accountants and assign tasks. Marika feels that assigning jobs in Uku is less stressful for everyone and creates a better atmosphere: “Work must be a pleasure. When giving orders by mail, one may feel that the task needs to be completed immediately. Our people work when it suits them. When they open Uku, they can see what they have to do and manage their work at their own pace. ”

Uku gives peace of mind to both customers and accountants. “Our work becomes more profitable and meaningful when using such solutions. One’s brain doesn't have to remember a thousand little things or check to see if things are done.

We can devote more time to advising the customer.

The customer can be sure that the deadlines are being met and nothing has been forgotten,” is Marika satisfied.

In conclusion, Marika laughs that if robots come to take away the accountants’, they can really take away this part: “Why not allow it! I don't understand people who won't make their lives easier. You need the right tool for every job and Uku definitely increases work efficiency. It also makes the pricing fairer and I have a peace of mind that I’m not doing an injustice to the customer.”

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