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Baltic Assist plans, analyses and manages tasks effortlessly with Uku

July 25, 2023
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Managing a hundred workers' productivity cannot be done manually


With Uku's task delegating and report, Baltic Assist identifies tasks with low productivity and re-plan work with little effort.

  • Track time for work tasks to get an accurate overview of time spent on tasks and clients
  • Uku's report makes it easy to find low-productivity tasks
  • Delegate tasks tactically to the best employee for a specific task.
"We use fewer tools than before for planning and win time by doing much less manual work."
Kristupas Binkys
one of Baltic Assist's executives of the Financial service department

Founded in Vilnius, Baltic Assist is a distinguished business process outsourcing (BPO) and financial services provider. Their clients include small and medium enterprises and large-scale corporations across various industries. Baltic Assist Finance offers comprehensive accounting and other financial services. The unique selling proposition of Baltic Assist is its flexibility, efficiency, and capability to tailor solutions based on the specific needs of the client.

Twice as many employees in two years

We last discussed their accomplishments in January 2022. Baltic Assist then had a dedicated team of 100 employees. Fast forward to 2023, and their team has doubled, showing the company's commitment to growth and expansion. The number of employees using Uku is also twice as large as last year - now over a hundred employees in the finance department use Uku. Uku's task management and CRM features have been a reliable assistants for Baltic Assist during these two years. Let's see how Baltic Assist is doing in 2023.

How to achieve ultimate efficiency as an accountant?

Uku is an excellent help in Baltic Assist's financial department. In addition to accountants, Uku is also used by team leaders and the administration to check the time tracked for tasks and analyse efficiency based on this data. Kristupas Binkys, one of Baltic Assist's executives of the Financial service department, says that Uku is a great help in tracking time for tasks and monitoring.

Knowing the skills of your employees is the fastest and most effective way to become a leading accounting firm. Who is better at which tasks? Who is the fastest? Which recurring tasks, widespread in the accounting industry, are the most time-consuming?

"We use fewer tools than before for planning and win time by doing much less manual work."

With Uku's analysing features, team leads have an insight into productivity. You can analyse the entire company, for example, the tracked time of work tasks, clients or by employees. In addition, the monitoring tool allows you to check the status of the client's workload to ensure that the work is appropriately paid. You may have spent more time on work than agreed with the customer over months, and as a result, you have earned less.

“We delegated tasks previously, but with Uku, it is much easier and requires fewer analysis steps.”

Employee productivity analysis helps the company be a better service provider to the client. Knowing your employees' strengths and weaknesses makes task planning much easier and more efficient. Kristupas states: "Reducing tasks with low productivity has been a big win for Baltic Assist." When the team lead has an overview of how employees perform specific tasks, work can be planned accordingly. To increase efficiency, identify which tasks employees are productive in and which they are not. Effective task plans can be prepared accordingly.

Clients want transparent invoicing.

Tracking work time helps Baltic Assist employees in other ways besides finding tasks with low productivity. Based on the time spent on tasks and other data entered into the work management software, Uku automatically creates detailed invoices.

"We are now more efficient because, with the help of Uku, we can present invoices to customers in a few clicks."

The more detailed the information on the invoice presented to the client, the more trust the service provider instils in the customer. Automatic generation of invoices also saves time for Baltic Assist employees.

"Uku saves employees time every day."

Uku is an accountant's faithful assistant.

Kristupas, head of Baltic Assist's financial team, is not shy when praising the work management software for accountants: "Uku is a user-friendly software. Exporting reports is particularly convenient, and the software is easy to use. We had no problems getting Uku up and running." New employees are constantly joining the fast-growing Baltic Assist and are taught how to use Uku by the IT team. The team leads will later check that everyone has correctly understood the use of Uku and that the work is working properly. In addition, he compliments: "Uku's development team is very eager to make changes according to the needs of customers."

For everyone who has not yet started using Uku, Kristupas says:

"Uku is a very user-friendly software. Their development team innovates according to your needs. Try it out!"

Autori Pilt
Juuli Pihel
Copywriter at Uku

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