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Apr 9, 2021
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Uku is always by your side - Introducing your smart assistant

Accounting practices' work involves long hours, impatient clients and seemingly impossible expectations that last for weeks on end. 

With the amount of work to be done, you’d think there is no time for a break. 

With so much stress and pressure. Accountants have a lot on their plates already and balancing all of these things just adds to this.

If only there was something to always be there for you.

Well, there is. Uku.

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Uku is more than just software, it's a concept

Our software has all the features accountants need and none of the ones they don't.

Uku has been designed to aid accountants with their everyday focus, consigning monotony,  and inefficiencies to the bin. 

But Uku is much more than that.

Your life balance is our priority. 

Our little blue owl works hard, so you have time for the things you care about. Like driving more revenue for the practice, taking time out for yourself, or probably spending quality time with those you care about. 

At Uku, we care about our accountant’s and their businesses.

We understand that you feel overworked.

You’re supporting individuals and businesses during stressful periods, observing many losing their livelihoods due to circumstances outside of their control.

And yet there is never someone there having your back. 

Well, Uku is not only software; it's a community too.

Uku - how accountants create more time

Would your business need a smart assistant? How can using one make it thrive?

Our assistant’s benefits are driving processes to become more streamlined.

Streamlined is another word for creating more time.

“We have given our customers a promise to perform their tasks in high quality and always on time. Uku helps us deliver on our promises.”
Rödl & Partner

It's why we built our little smart assistant, to encourage our accountants to win back their days.

Our little blue owl perches nicely on your desktop or mobile and guides what you need to get your time back and relieve your worry.

Uku will: 

  • automatically create tasks when you need them
  • ask questions when you've possibly missed a deadline
  • aid in planning your week with timely reminders
  • prompt you to track your time, so you bill accurately
  • suggest automations be setup reducing your monotonous tasks
  • always be there, on your desktop or your mobile when 'on-the-go.’

Uku is busy working for you in the background, never in your way but always there when you need it, like a guardian angel (or owl). 

Uku at your fingertips

Uku is a toolset that you need to increase efficiency and productivity in your accounting practice. 

“Uku has decreased the amount of tasks that missed deadlines to a large extent. Precise work tracking has enabled us to reevaluate our pricing model and make long-desired changes.”
CHK accounting

With innovative features and a slick design, Uku creates value for your clients and brings back your personal time. 

We're adding more all the time. Right now, we're loved most for the following:

  • Tasks & time management

Uku will remind you of your tasks well in time so that you can skip those pesky spreadsheets.

Uku also tracks your time so that you can see what you are actually spending your time on and if needed adjust your workday

  • Automated workflows & reminders

Automate workflows across the entire practice and set reminders for work to be done, whether tomorrow, a week or longer. Customised automation can take on the heavy lifting of servicing your clients.

  • Customer relationship & billing

Uku supports your clients' entire lifecycle and ensures you bill them correctly for each valuable action, ensuring they are accurately billed and creates better value, boosting practice sustainability.

  • Plan & collaborate

Easy to use customised recurring tasks means better planning and less reactive work. Collaborate with other accountants and customers. Integrations & reporting

with all your favourite software. Empowering the entire team to examine real-time data and download data-backed reports.

  • Smart assistant & mobile friendly

Uku works across all devices. Use it on mobile, tablet, Mac or PC - all your data is synced online and accessible from anywhere and where you need it.

Let Uku be there for you

That's what we're about. 

Being passionate about producing the world's best practice management solution and creating a community of accountants that match our company ethos: caring, helpful, hard-working, and innovative.

You’re there for your customers. We’re there for you.

Your smart assistant is ready ...are you ready to work smarter?

Uku - Create time.

Autori Pilt
Smart Assistant


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