The next unicorn? Uku conquers the world with a revolutionary app

Apr 1, 2022
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Uku accounting practice management software Uku came out with a new revolutionary mobile app that explosively increases the productivity of accountants. The company plans to offer it to other sectors as well and hopes the product will be their ticket to unicorn status. The application reduces users' need for sleep by up to 50% and increases brain performance. With all those free hours to spare, the user can work even more. 

The solution was developed in collaboration with the best sleep specialists and productivity gurus. When the Uku app is synchronized with one’s smartwatch, the Uku sun rises on the phone screen in the optimal sleep phase and wakes the user up with motivating productivity mantras. The application is supported by a new design of Uku, which reduces the brain load by 50%, helping to keep the user awake.

"We all know we should work smarter, not more - but why not do both!" Rain Allikvee, CEO and founder of Uku, is pleased.

“For the first time, I tried the application on myself and worked for three days straight.

Finally, unicorns danced before my eyes - the unofficial national animals of Estonia. It was a truly enlightening experience,” he describes vividly.

The revolutionary solution has already attracted the interest of investors, and Allikvee believes that the vision that struck him when using the application means that becoming a unicorn lies ahead. Allikvee admits that as an unexpected side effect, the application has proved unsuitable for epileptics.

"Some surprise epileptics were also revealed in our team, but that's not necessarily a bad thing - MedTech is constantly on the rise and we can't rule out pivoting in that sector at some point."

The Uku app will be available to all users as early as April 1, and one will need to order a new Unicorn package to receive it.

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