New tool in Uku - task dependency!

Sep 12, 2022
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The long-awaited feature is now here! Task dependencies have entered Uku! 

Dependent tasks are most helpful in creating a smooth workflow.

What is a dependent task?

A dependent task means that one or more subsequent tasks will appear on the dashboard when you mark a task as done. It is good to create such a workflow, for example, during the onboarding process of a new client.

Here are three ways you can use related tasks:

The relationship between the two tasks

The dependent task appears on your dashboard after marking the previous task done.

For example: To enter documents into a program, you must receive them first. In this case, create both tasks and mark the "Entering documents" task dependent on the "Receiving documents" task.

When you mark one task as done, several tasks appear.

An essential task starts the workflow.

For example: To start working with a new client, it is first necessary to perform a background check. Create all of the tasks for the onboarding process. Then, mark all other tasks in the onboarding process one by one to depend on the "Background Check" task. Once the background check is complete, mark it as done, and the following tasks appear on the dashboard.

When you mark multiple tasks as done, one task will appear.

At the end of the workflow is a summary task.

For example: To send a salary notification to the employees, you have to complete several tasks in advance. Enter all tasks to Uku and mark all of the others as dependent tasks on the  "Sending salary notification to the employee" task.

You can also add task dependencies to a work plan or template. You can attach them to the client later.

Learn more about how to set up task dependencies at help center

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