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Brand new Uku is here! What's new then?

It’s time to shine a light on what our product and engineering teams have been up to since our launch - including a major new version launch packed with some exciting improvements to those who revere the blue owl ‘Uku!’

We’re moving steadily towards the winter months in Estonia - the air is getting cooler, the first snows are beginning to fall and the waft of gingerbread is beginning to resonate from households. 

Our team of mini-Uku’s have been plodding along like an army of [blue] minions producing the below features based on feedback from you, our clients.

Let’s delve into the nitty-gritty of what Uku 2.0 has in store for you!

Uku desktop is expanded

Managing Uku on mobile is important (more on that later) but our desktop version is still the primary method our customers use.

Now, we have added the following improvements:

1. Notifications ‘You have a targeted task,’ - sticky notifications remain on the desktop until the user closes it.

2. Advanced Desktop Search - Now, users have the ability to filter and search by 

  • time
  • user 
  • topic 
  • customer
  • status 
  • importance

3. Customise your desktop with selected filters for getting answers to your questions quickly and easily.

4. Separate calendars - for 1 and 2 weeks. Plus, week numbers appear in front of a small calendar. Furthermore, the names of the tasks are not displayed more at length. 

5. Save dashboards - save filters on the dashboard to come back to at any time.

Oh yes, task management got a whole lot easier

Tasks, tasks, tasks… must do’s and nobody enjoys doing them but at least with Uku version 2 they are now easier to manage:

  • Removing view and edit view - making changes are automatically saved.
  • Billable or not billable - you can now designate which task should be billed for.
  • Start dates & due dates - are now changeable.
  • Weekly recurrences - now it is possible to set a deadline, even for recurring tasks with multiple date options. 
  • Attach documents - whether on a desktop or mobile device, users can now add documents to each task.

It’s always about the clients

If your accounting practice is easy to do business with, then your customers will remain loyal. Plus, giving clients more value is a surefire way to gain more business!

  • Importing data - users can now import data from their accounting software.
  • Organisation and customer on data lists - Both the company and the customer themselves are on the customer list. Now You can view the company's work plan.
  • More customisation - more columns, more filter choices, more save options. 
  • Customer templates - a selection of easy-to-use several templates when creating customer plans.
  • Customer profiles - new sidebar that can be opened and closed for further customer information.
  • Export details - are all included when exporting data

Reports everywhere!

Why? You can’t measure your profit and success unless you can benchmark where you started before using Uku. So, we made it even more accessible:

Report options

  • User/date 
  • Date/user grouping under the summary view
  • The status description drop-down menu now has separate filters, indicating what that status of that function is.
  • Monitoring separate menu items

Always important, billing

From our inception, billing was one of our fundamental drivers of why we launched Uku. Getting paid, on time, and profitably for your work was our raison d'etre. Our billing features have been so well received that only a minor improvement was required:

  • Billing view status - the selection is now under tabs

Your little friend just got better

Uku 2 and a picture of Mini Uku in action

Mini-Uku, the small owl icon in the corner of your screen provides an overview of your entire working day and helps you plan your schedule more efficiently.

Well now, this little fella can do more now, keeping your customer list open and each customer profile even when you are not using him. He’ll always be there!

Uku on the go

Business never stops, and when visiting clients you don’t always have your laptop or PC with you. Working on your smartphone has now become quicker:

  • Mobile view - viewing the desktop version on a mobile device didn’t quite fit the screen, so we created a new mobile view that fits no matter what device you have, smartphone or tablet.

That’s everything for this super-duper version 2.0! As always, if you’d like to know more about what we’re up to, keep an eye on our social media - Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, or get in touch.

Brand new Uku 2 is here!

It’s time to shine a light on what our [blue mini-Uku’s] have been up to since our launch. Get ready, Uku 2 will take us into the stratosphere.
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Carlos Ferraz
November 27, 2020
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