9 ways Uku is helping our community with customisation

Feb 25, 2021
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In our previous article, we examined why customisation is king for boosting customer satisfaction. 

After much feedback from our community, here are the customisation options we have launched as part of our ongoing roadmap(some items listed below) to be the leading accounting practice management software.

Built-in AML workflows

Uku is helping to ensure that the AML requirements are met. We have built in a checklist within our software. These checklists will automatically apply as a task on the accountant’s dashboard screen 30 days before the next AML anniversary date.

The accountants' clients will then log in to a self-service portal to submit copies of their IDs and proof of residence. 

Although the accountant is still responsible for accurately collecting their clients' data and that the ID authentication is correct. Uku's AML checklist will help our community determine whether a client is 'safe' to do business with or 'fails' UK AML regulations.

Client self-service

Uku is always looking for ways to innovate with the core idea of giving accounts tools to build relationships with their clients and make life easier for accountants. 

We have started building our self-service solution through this philosophy so that accountants can allow their clients directly to access information on their businesses and remove boundaries to offer a better service.

Member Access Rights

Member access rights are crucial to allowing specific users to make changes to data in the business database. Access rights are essential to protect client data but also builds trust in users of the business.

Communication Tools

Better communication tools allow for much easier communication between clients and their accountants. Now through Uku, accountants can email, message or even video call directly with their clients. 

Thus, keeping the workflow from not having to open ten apps simultaneously and, more importantly, preserving a record under the client's history.

Zapier Integrations

Zapier is a bridge between one software and another and will allow minimal integration with specific software and Uku.

Companies House full integration

Companies House integration is a UK-specific integration and would allow for detailed information on every company registered with the authorities to be imported and filled into fields within Uku. 

We already have an integration with Companies house, but the full version’s standard integration would allow for tax filings, dates of, and next filing dates. This could trigger certain events in Uku for the accountant to manage their clients’ needs better.


Every accountant that uses Uku can observe recorded transactional data and billed hours. 

Transactional data includes how the customer wishes to interact, making it an invaluable tool to understand what type of client you are dealing with and how you can better improve customer satisfaction.

Using Uku’s CRM, practice managers can use the reporting to train staff, improve their lead generation processes, develop proposals, and even the client's customer satisfaction.  

By identifying CRM improvement areas, accountancy practices are formalising the sales process and boosting company-wide sales. 

Time-tracking made easy

Uku has a smart digital assistant that sits on every job, never allowing you to forget to start the timer, no matter if reading an email or having a client meeting. 

All of your billable work and time are tracked. You begin to convert that billable time into new bills, invoices and client payments.

Custom Fields

Custom fields will allow the accountant to add fields of their own design into the system, thereby making the system more customisable to their own needs and not a “one feature fits all” kind of approach.

Customisation boosts customer satisfaction

Allowing our customers to customise their experience is a way we believe will stand us apart from our competitors. 

After all, who knows what our customers need, better than our customers themselves? 

If you haven't tried us yet, you can do so free for 30-days. No credit card details required.

UKU has all the features you need, and none of the ones you don't.

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