3 clever tricks to support teamwork with Uku member groups

Jul 11, 2022
4 min
Did you know that member groups can also be created in Uku now? The new addition has many clever possibilities for better teamwork and more efficient use of time.

In this post, the focus is on three main ways to simplify work with member groups. But as the CEO of CHK, Christer Haimi, stated in the previous case study: “With Uku, the only limit is your imagination.” 

Here are a few creative uses for member groups.

1. Teamwork

Direct a task to an entire team instead of one person. This way the task appears on the dashboard of the team members. With just two clicks, the task can be assigned to an employee who is currently available or at work so, it is certain that every task will be complete by the deadline. It is especially helpful during the vacation season. 

Skill-based member groups are also a good helper for effective teamwork. Here is an example. If some tasks are suitable only for senior accountants create a member group called "Senior Accountants" and direct the task to the entire group. Group members can conveniently take on the task or remove themselves from it.

2. Change of employees

Hand over tasks quickly and comfortably when an employee changes. 

Instead of changing the member in each client's task plan, add a member group to the plan and change the member in the group. For example, add the member group "Assistant" and link the group with the corresponding tasks. If the company's assistant changes, you only need to change the member in the group, and all tasks are conveniently on the new employee's dashboard.

3. Filtering by member groups

Sort data even more precisely with the "Member" filter. 

You can sort member information by both members and member groups. This way employees can be added to groups based on position, team, or other indicators and conveniently analyze the work productivity of different teams. Membership in member groups is also taken into account when viewing the report. 

For example, employee Merike belongs to group X. When filtering by her name, group X's tasks are also displayed along with Merike's tasks.

How to create member groups?

You can create a member group in the member section. By default, Uku creates two groups: "All members" and "Administrators".

  1. Select “Members” from the menu
  2. Go to the "Groups" tab
  3. Click on the "Add group" button
  4. Name the group and add members
  5. Save
Creating member groups in Uku

Groups can be linked to both one-time and planned tasks. You can also use member groups to filter tasks on the dashboard, calendar, and report.

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