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You’ll be successful if your workflow and billing process works like clockwork

Uku brings innovation to your accounting practice with advanced CRM, easy-to-use time tracking, and powerful automated billing - assured 23% more profit in the first year!
Used by 3900+ people from accounting practices
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An image of the Uku
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I’d been looking for a practice management solution for my accounting firm for years. Uku was the answer to our problems. It helps us to better manage our work and provide exceptional service.

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Christer Haimi
CH Konsultatsioonid

Uku helps us keep up with accounting trends and be competitive in the market. With Uku, we can be sure that the company's service is of high quality and we fill all promises given to the customer.

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Grete Michelson

We consider it important to provide customers with high-quality and accurate services. Uku has helped us perform tasks and use resources effectively for over 3 years.

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Tiina Mirka
Rödl & Partner

Why people love Uku?

Organize and automatize work processes

Task plan
Edit plan
Monthly 28. d
Pay run
Monthly 30. d
Monthly 31. d
Monthly 31. d
Full annual accounts
Yearly 31 Jan

Organize and automatize work processes

Uku helps you standardize everyday work, make processes transparent and teamwork flow.
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Reduce error-prone manual work
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Focus on what’s important
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Keep an eye on team progress
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Bring your team to one page

Make sure time truly is money

General Motors
Berkshire Hathaway

Make sure time truly is money

Tracking time gives you reliable insight to make better data-driven decisions.
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Get a real-time overview of your business
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Analyse the work of yourself and your team
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Optimize processes
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Use your time wisely

Provide exceptional service

Monthly summary
Quarterly financial report
Accruals and prepayments
VAT (period March to May)

Provide exceptional service

With Uku, you can be sure that all promises are kept with high quality and on time.
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Manage the entire customer lifecycle
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Monitor customer agreements
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Make billing transparent
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Increase profitability

Let our numbers speak for themselves

more effective work management
higher profit
less stress

Ready to transform your business?

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Triin Rast
Digitization specialist

Ready to transform your business?

Book a personal consultation with our digitizing specialist Triin.
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Let's prioritize your daily challenges
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See how Uku can help with solving them
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What our customers say

Absolutely stunning software, it makes my day so much easier and is a delight to use. Fully recommend this.
Kim H.
Accountant, UK
Uku is simple and intuitive and covers anything we might need from a work management system - from tracking time and managing tasks to billing. It has increased efficiency and visibility throughout our team.
Kersti S.
Lead accountant, Sweden
Uku has helped us with task management in accounting in that the amount of tasks that slip past undone has decreased. The report function also helps keep track of time spent on clients and specific tasks, allowing to reevaluate our pricing model.
Martti T.
CH Consultations
Financial manager, Estonia
Uku is great - an excellent time and task management platform. And their customer support is top notch. ✌️
Mary M.
Accountant, UK
It's awesome productivity booster! Super easy to use, intuitive and looks good. Tracking different tasks is very, very easy. Uku is like the holy grail for my needs.
Marilys P.
CFO, Denmark
Uku is the perfect solution for financial services companies unlike any other. Uku team is a pleasure to work with - they’re quick to respond and offer adaptations and upgrades to match our needs.
Andzej R.
Baltic Assist Finance
CEO, Lithuania
I looked for such practice management solution for years. Uku has helped us up our service quality, always deliver work on time and increase profitability.
Anu A.
CFO, Estonia
1 year with Uku and we can serve 38% more customers. 💰 Couldn't imagine life without Uku.
Annika R.
Chief accountant, Estonia
Uku’s team is very helpful in coming up with solutions. In our company, Uku has brought the client closer to accountant while giving both the accountant and management an overview of how much time is spent on what kind of work or communication.
Piret T.
IMG Numeri
IT Manager and Accountant

Exceptional support

“Launching great systems requires good cooperation. Uku team truly listens, understands and supports you as much as you need.”
Mart Nõmper
Rödl & Partner OÜ
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